Twitter kills my blog

I used to keep a draft open in my blog all the time called something like Random Bits, and when it got to about five or six different little one or two line thoughts I would post it.  Or I would save it until a day when I had nothing else to say.

Now-a-days the Random Bits post is always blank.  It’s not that I don’t have little one line thoughts to share, it’s just that I’ve already posted them on Twitter.  Twitter is cutting into to some of my premium blog content, 140 characters at a time.

People complain a lot about the 140 character limit, but I think it’s great.  It forces people to cut to the chase.  Twitter is teaching people you can say an amazing amount with a tiny little bit of text.  Of course many of us were already used to this limitation from SMS, we just had to give up 20 more characters.

And with the combination of Auto-Text, an elementary school education, and a little self-respect you can even communicate in 140 character bursts without shortening all of your words to one or two letters.

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