More Twitter Tools

Blackberry App
First, for the Blackberry users – you must go get ÜberTwitter right now. Follow that link from your Blackberry.  The name is about the only thing I don’t like about this app.  This is really the way to use Twitter on the go. As near as I can tell it has every feature available online, plus a few more.  It allows you to view Trending Topics, simplifies retweeting, allows you to manage your friends list, does some creepy location based stuff with GPS and cell tower triangulation, integrates with gmail, and displays @ replies (even from people you don’t follow) and DMs inline.  You’ll only have to use it for a minute to realize how awesome it is.  It’s currently in Open Beta, but it seems very stable to me.  I haven’t found a problem yet.

URL shortening
I’ve played around with a bunch of URL shortening services that are so critical to getting your tweets down to 140 characters. is probably the best known, it offers custom urls (if you can find one that isn’t taken), and it has a preview mode.  Some of the less known ones like may give you a shorter URL (for now, at least) and I like the simplicity of’s homepage.

But in the end after looking at those and a handful of others I’ve settled on has custom names, a more sophisticated preview mode, integration with your twitter account, and best of all click tracking on the urls you create.

I’ve recently started using FriendFeed, which is a pretty cool service that ties together all your social networking into one feed. In my case this blog, my Twitter account, and my Facebook account are all brought together into one feed.  It works best if your friends are also using it, although if they aren’t you can create what they call imaginary friends.  That’s where you construct a custom feed for someone you want to follow who doesn’t use the service. I don’t have the energy to do that.

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