What’s in your toolbox?

I started off this year with a blog entry called What’s In Your Wallet? This had nothing to do with vikings and only a little bit to do with Capital One.  I was thinking about how much you would know about a person (or at least think you knew about a person) given only the contents of their wallet.

It was interesting for me to look back at what was in my wallet 7 months ago.  It’s not very different now except that Bloom is the only supermarket loyalty card I carry now, and I had 10 more dollars then.  Oh, and I now have a AAA membership and Busch Gardens VA Resident Fun Card.

So what if we started our investigation in the garage and took a look in their toolbox first, instead?  Here’s my first thought – do they have an entire drawer full of tiny black hex and Torx wrenches?  If so, we can count on a house full of cheap furniture.

2 thoughts on “What’s in your toolbox?”

  1. Speaking of hex wrenches…I used one to assemble the Ikea lamp last night. I think it’s on the dining room table, if you want to add it to the drawer of them.

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