Back to Basics

Every Monday the school where I train has a “BJJ Basics” class before the regular class.  I normally don’t make it to the basics class.  Last night I got there in time for Basics.  It was also a free intro class, so it was super basic.

Studying the most basic elements of anything is typically pretty boring, but it’s a necessary evil. They say fundamentals win championships, or something.  I’m not trying to win any particular championship, but the point stands.

We discussed some of the most basic concepts of jiu jitsu, like always facing your opponent and not giving up your back.  We drilled some self defense crap, and practiced the RNC.

In the regular class I picked a great detail on finishing the triangle.

The fancy stuff like Dave Camarillo’s Chaotic will make the highlight videos, but regardless of your skill level we can all benefit from getting back to basics.

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  1. You should try to come to all the basics classes! They are fun and typically very small, so there is lots of individual attention.

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