Opinions Vary

I recently talked about trusting the opinions of professionals (specifically medical professionals), and I just can’t seem to let this subject go.

I was prescribed Ambien to help me sleep by an FNP, which I guess stands for Family Nurse Practitioner.  She’s a nurse, but she can write prescriptions.  She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever run into in a doctor’s office.  When she walked into the room she seemed to block everything else out and genuinely care about what was wrong with me.  She told me to take the Ambien about 5 times a week, and take a couple of days off.

On my follow-up trip to the office I saw a PA, or Physician Assistant.  Sadly, the FNP had moved on and no longer works in that office.  My guess is she went back to school, but who knows.  The PA is another type of non-doctor who can write prescriptions.   He hold me the FNP was wrong, and I should take the Ambien every night.

On my second follow-up to the same office I saw an actual doctor.  I didn’t know they made those any more.  He said he didn’t understand what the PA was talking about, and I should try taking the medicine only when I’m unable to sleep.

Wow. Three opinions for the price of one!

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