Calling out

It’s been ten months since the visit to the dentist I talked about in A Rule of Threes and I just received a bill from them for $40.

If you missed that post, here’s what happened (10 months ago)

I went to the dentist and was told I had 9 cavities.  This totally floored me.  In fact, I walked out of the dentist’s office that day in nearly a depression. It’s very strange finding out at 32 that you suddenly have cavities number 2 through 10.  On top of that I was told I needed to get some special treatment for my gums right away.  And as if that wasn’t all bad enough, I was told my insurance would only cover a small amount of this work.

Not being in a position to pay for all that work, I just ignored it.  I knew this wasn’t a smart thing to do, but it was just going to have to wait.  About 6 months went by and we got new insurance.  Really good insurance.  I picked a new dentist near my house and in the new insurance network.

I have no cavities and healthy gums, according to my new dentist.

Now, after all this time, they send me a bill.  I called to find out what it was for, and told the receptionist about my experience.  She said, “Awww…”

Hopefully as soon as I mail off this check I’ll never have to deal with Great Expressions Dental Centers ( again.

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