I spend a lot of time reading on the web. Some days I read until I’m crossed-eyed and my head is pounding.  I mentioned on Twitter last week how I can tell in the morning how late I stayed up the night before by how far I’ve zoomed in with Firefox (to blow up text.)  If you read this blog you’ll read anything, so you must spend a lot of time reading on the web, too.

Yesterday I found this little tool called Readability.  It’s a JavaScript bookmarket that blows up the text on the page you’re reading, changes the font and the background, and removes a lot of extra junk from the page.  It also has a printing option.

It runs in your browser so it’s very fast, presumably safe, and doesn’t rely on a third party to work (once you’ve downloaded the bookmarlet one time.)  It’s free and it takes a few seconds to install.

It’s not perfect, in that it occasionally it might zoom in on the wrong part of the page, but it’s good enough (especially once you get used to it.)  For example if you’re reading this on my home page on the day it was written Readability probably won’t take you to the right place.  If you go directly to this post,, it will.  This has more to do with how my WordPress template formats the text than anything else.

Readability is a great tool, definitely worth checking out.

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