iPod Update

Quick update on what’s on my iPod:

I just finished The Zombie Chronicles: Escape by James Melzer.  Podiobooks classifies it as Horror/Dark Fantasy. Zombies aren’t typically my thing, but this was decent. It had some elements of Men in Black, 7th Son, Dollhouse, and maybe a little 28 Days Later.

I’m about halfway into Shadowmagic by John Lenahan (Fantasy).  This is one of those sleepers that caught me off-guard.  It’s really good!  I hope there will be more.  “A Lord of the Rings for the 21st century. Only a lot shorter. And funnier. And completely different.”

After that I will finish off the Ringworld books with Ringworld’s Children.  I might have the order screwed up.

Also, there’s a new show on the TWIT network I’m enjoying – This Week in Google.

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