Twitter Weekly Update for 2009-08-29

  • @HDNet just pulled off perhaps the greatest 15 minutes of TV ever. Fedor fought in the gi + a night launch + the end of Mark Kerr's career. #
  • @BigJus122 Fedor fought Gegard Mousasi in an exhibition match. in reply to BigJus122 #
  • Holy crap. I turned on the TV to see the shuttle take off and I ended up seeing Fedor fight. I can't believe that just happened. #
  • @kayped 27 minutes… in reply to kayped #
  • @BigJus122 I'm not sure about tomorrow night yet. The timing of your corporate America comment is funny because I'm watching P&T Bullshi … in reply to BigJus122 #
  • The wife is coming back to America soon. I have to start taking showers again. #
  • I pulled the battery out of my blackberry and popped it back in. Now I have 53 messages. #
  • A list of my favorite BJJ instructional DVDs. #
  • @kayped Hey, we got the delay we wanted! Discovery's liftoff has been moved to Friday at 11:59 p.m. EDT. in reply to kayped #
  • @kayped Believe me, I've told her every day. in reply to kayped #
  • What's up with Yahoo mail today? Never seen so many error messages. It's all Twittery. #
  • @kayped Thursday night / Friday morning. 12:22 a.m. on Friday. in reply to kayped #
  • @kayped It looks like there will be a third attempt at a night launch, Friday morning at 12:22 a.m. in reply to kayped #
  • @fhduff Cool, I'll look for that. I enjoyed Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, but he also wrote a lot of spiritual garbage. in reply to fhduff #
  • @Celtikill Yeah, not at all. Maybe that was the problem. I think I just didn't "get" it. in reply to Celtikill #
  • @kayped Launch scrubbed again! I don't know when it will be rescheduled yet. in reply to kayped #
  • Long, but it drives the point home. RT: @bjjdan Crazy British PSA – Texting While Driving is Deadly – #
  • I'm going to be pissed if Micheal Jackson is still alive b/c that means there will be at least 2 more MJ Twitterstorms. #
  • RT @kevinrose WHOA, Microsoft: and Microsoft Poland: – spot the difference? horrible… #
  • I think Eden Log would be disturbing if I had any clue what the eff was going on. #
  • I'm 7 minutes in to the movie Eden Log. Quick, someone give me just one reason to give this movie another 1:35 of my life. #
  • @fhduff I don't want a large farva. I want a goddamn litre o' cola! in reply to fhduff #
  • Seriously, don't give me .99 change. Make it a $1 so I don't have to punch you in the eye. #
  • Grammar Girl: Less Versus Fewer #
  • @kayped It was scrubbed due to weather. Rescheduled for Wednesday morning at 1:10 a.m. EDT. Another shot at a night launch! #shuttle in reply to kayped #
  • @kayped I looked around for info on that but couldn't find anything. This is definitely a night launch. in reply to kayped #
  • 1:36 a.m. EDT shuttle launch. Night launches are awesome. #
  • Listening to The Zombie Chronicles: Escape – A free audio book from by James Melzer #
  • @BigJus122 14 pounds for me. in reply to BigJus122 #
  • @BigJus122 No, no, I don't mean I haven't been running in a while. I mean I do not run. I am opposed to running. I don't believe in running. in reply to BigJus122 #
  • @BigJus122 Yeah, I knew what you meant. I don't run. in reply to BigJus122 #
  • @BigJus122 Going for a rub, huh? I'm going to pass on that. in reply to BigJus122 #
  • @clinzy Oh weird. I've been getting the red ones because I thought you liked them. in reply to clinzy #
  • @etdragon You had me at "Excitebike". #

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