Bring the (shoulder) Pain

This is Kimura month at Revolution BJJ and I’m looking forward to four weeks of attacking shoulders.  I suppose the omo plata is my favorite submission.  I’m not sure where I developed this hatred of other people’s shoulders.

The kimura grip (not necessarily the submission) is incredibly useful.  I love grabbing that grip from half-guard top, side control, or pretty much any place else I can get it.   My favorite place to grab a kimura grip is from the back.  I’ll make one lame attempt at an RNC, which gets my opponent really focused on defending their neck.  Then I’ll reach over and snatch the kimura grip, throw a leg over, straighten the arm, and finish with the classic arm bar.  That’s an excellent submission I picked up from Andrew Smith which has been working against nearly everyone (well, everyone whose back I can get).

The kimura grip is one reason why I’m excited about this month – it’s so much more than a submission.  It’s a great control and a launchpad for all sorts of other sweeps and submissions.

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