Twitter Weekly Update for 2009-09-05

  • Listening to another free audiobook: Lost and Not Found by Teel McClanahan III. #
  • Wow, something finally bumped the Kindle off the Amazon home page. I guess The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown is gonna be kinda big. #
  • @kennyfrommd – Hey, I wear that shirt all the time. John's, not Kenny's. #
  • It cracks me up every time @pennjillette and @MrTeller run around the set and scream all crazy-like on Bullshit. #
  • What are the best WordPress Plug-ins? #
  • I read my last 1,111 tweets. What a strange trip. #
  • At first I thought gummy vitamins were brilliant. Now my pee glows in the dark and I'm thinking I was better off when they tasted bad. #
  • @_JohnWelch_ Yep, the Kindle is awesome. We use it all the time. We negotiate for who gets it next. in reply to _JohnWelch_ #

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