The Worst of Me

I switched to decaf at least a month ago to help control sugar cravings. I’ve also been trying to avoid diary to help with my allergies, and avoiding deep fried food to keep my weight in control.

And then today happened.

I drank nothing but coffee (no decaf), I had lunch at Steak and Shake (wow, that’s awful), and followed up lunch with a Cookie Jar Blizzard at DQ (amazing).  Then, just about completely dehydrated, I trained.  I held down the blizzard through warm ups (and for the rest of the night, for that matter) but I spent the entire night fighting off cramps.  My legs were cramping like crazy.  In sparring I was terrible, even for me.

Start over tomorrow.

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Grappling sometimes, but mostly just trying to get others to grapple.

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