Deer Whistles

Every time I see a car (or more likely, a truck) with a deer whistle I wonder what motivated the owner to buy it, and if there’s any reason to think they work. I assume the efficacy of deer whistles has be determined largely based on anecdotal evidence, not science.

It turns out a surprising amount a scientific thinking has been applied to deer whistles, and the results, while not exactly conclusive, don’t surprise me much.  I came across an article on the subject in Improbable Research.

The paper, Analysis and effectiveness of deer whistles for motor vehicles: frequencies, levels, and animal threshold responses, is only 6 pages and fairly easy to read.

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  1. There is a (more than slightly crazy) man who my parents know writes essays mostly about how the government is watching you. He also has one in which he claims that deer are more likely to jump out in front of people of Native American background and/or vehicles named after Native Americans (Cherokee, etc.) because they are sacrificing themselves to the Great Spirit.

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