A Craiglist Experience

I’ve fumbled around on craigslist for years, but today might be the first time I’ve completed a transaction on the site.  I had two old monitors taking up room in the office, so I listed them for free.  Within an hour I had 5 emails from people asking if I still had them, looking for technical details (which were all answered in the listing), and asking where I live.

The first guy said he wanted both, but flaked out.  The second people came through and took one of them.  The other one has been claimed.

The process is remarkably simple.  Then again, so is the site.  It has very few features, which I guess is part the secret to their success.  I do wish it had some sort of contact management instead of just using email.

The most stressful part is having strangers come to your house.  I sent them my address (which isn’t in google maps) and phone number, and just sat there thinking, “Please don’t call me for directions. Please don’t call me for directions.”  Regular readers probably understand why I felt that way.  Luckily they had GPS.

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