Mirror’s Edge

In a word, disappointing.

This could have been in a good game had it not been released in the age of the open world game.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by games like Oblivion, GTA, and InFamous, but Mirrors Edge has the look and feel of a sandbox, with the playability of a side-scroller.

Interactive items in the game are colored bright red. In order to progress in the game you must interact with the red items, and in the order that they are presented.  Mirror’s Edge is the Anti-InFamous.

Also like open worlders you have an infinite number of lives, but they even managed to ruin that.  Save points are too far apart so falling off a building means you often have to do a long sequence of stunts again, and sometimes even see a cut- scene (they’re skipable, but still.)

The ads for this one looked great but the game is a let-down.

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