Backing Up

Hard drives crash.  Given enough time, all hard drives die.  Flash drives, by their very design, have limited lifespan.

When you experience a drive failure what are you going to lose? Your pictures? Videos? Emails?

It’s time to look at some backup solutions.  And remember – you don’t have a backup until you have an offsite backup.

  • Carbonite – For $54.95/year Carbonite offers unlimited automatic backup of everything on your computer (Windows or Mac).  This is a complete backup solution that is completely hands-off.
  • Mozy – Similar to Carbonite, reputable company, but I have no personal experience with them.
  • Jungle Disk – Cheap, automatic backup for Windows, Mac, or Linux.  Lots of features.  A little tricky to use. Backs up to Amazon S3 or to RackSpace.
  • DropBox – 2 GB free.  Folder sits on your Desktop and anything you drop in it is instantly available on the web or on any other computer where you have DropBox installed.   Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Dreamhost – If you’re already a Dreamhost customer they offer a whopping 50 GB with every account.  It’s accessible via FTP, and suppose with a little work you could rsync the files on your PC to it.
  • Skydrive – 25 GB free from Microsoft with a Hotmail account.  There are some limitations, but it’s still pretty useful.

There are tons more services like these, some free, some rather expensive.  Just pick one, come up with a system that works for you, and back up your stuff.

One last note – The stuff you have out in the cloud already (tweets, google docs, gmail, flickr, etc) – it needs to be backed up, too.

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