My Brand of Perfectionism

Yesterday while standing in line at Kinkos FedEx/Kinkos FedEx Office I grabbed one of those self help books off the shelf to kill some time.  I flipped it open to a chapter on productivity killers and read the section on perfectionism.

That got me thinking about my own particular flavor of perfectionism, which I had just done battle with while prepping for the trip to FedEx Office.  It goes like this:

I need these columns to line up perfectly so when it gets cut everything is the same size.

Oh, that’s close.  There’s an extra 1/4 inch on the bottom.

Better. Now the line on the right is thicker than the line on the left.

Okay. Somehow that messed up the bottom.

I think the header has a different font.

There, everything has the same font. Damn, that made extra space in the middle.

Well now it’s not printing at all.

Oh, I see.. okay.  Very close now.  I just have to center these columns.

The right column just disappeared.

Got it back.  There’s two different fonts again. WTF?

Alright. Everything looks good, but there’s a barely perceivable white space on the far right.

Now it’s on the far left.

Fuck this.  This is impossible.


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