Speaking URLs

First let me say that I pronounce “U-R-L”  Personal preference.  I don’t like saying “earl”.

Now, some rules:

  1. Never, ever say “http colon slash slash”
    1. Even worse: “http colon forward-slash forward-slash”
  2. If you must you can say “https colon slash slash”, but it would be better if there was just a redirect so http worked.
  3. You should hardly ever say “www dot”.  We get that part.  And browsers generally handle it for us anyway.
  4. Never, ever say “Dub Dub Dub.”  That’s dumb x3.
    1. Even worse: “Triple Dub”
      1. Even worse than that: “Trip Dub”
  5. Don’t leave out the Dot but say Com, like “Facebook Com” or “Microsoft Com”
  6. If you’re talking about a top 25 or maybe top 50 web property don’t say “com” at all.  Just say “Facebook”.

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