Firefox Plugins

I often hear that the success of the Firefox web browser is largely due to its open plug in architecture.  I also hear that you should limit the number of plug ins you use, since they slow down FF and cause it to crash.  I’m currently using 4 plug ins – AdBlock Plus, AVG Safe Search, Firebug, and Xmarks.

I don’t really know what AdBlock does, other than what I can gather from the name.

I’ll probably be removing AVG soon because I’m thinking of switching to Microsoft Security Essentials on my Windows machines.

I used Firebug once.

I like the Xmarks password syncing, but I’m not a big bookmarker.  I don’t think anyone really uses bookmarks.

I don’t seem to need plug ins at all.

2 thoughts on “Firefox Plugins”

  1. I like “Add to Search Bar”, “It’s All Text”, and “New Tab King” (although, I’ve gone back to bookmarks on my work computer — just too many little-used but still necessary links).

    And “Personas”, just because they make FF purty.

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