Ordering the Nexus One

You only need to take a quick look at the simplicity of google.com or the elegance of the gmail inbox to know Google is pretty good at managing user experience. The engineers at Google eat their own dog food (although that backfired with the recent release of Buzz.)

But I’m pretty sure nobody at Google had to order a Nexus One through their site. Right now that’s the only way to get one. If you go to a T-Mo store or the T-Mo website they will pretend they’ve never heard of the Nexus One.

First of all I could only get the order form to work in Google’s own web browser, Chrome.  I tried FireFox and IE from 3 different computers, 3 different networks, 2 different operating systems, on two days a week apart.

That alone is enough to label the ordering process a FAIL. But there were other issues. They didn’t seem to recognize Virginia as a state, even though I selected it from their dropdown box.  Maybe it’s because we’re a Commonwealth. That error blanked out a bunch of fields, so I ended up entering my SSN, driver license number, and a few other things several times before it decided Virginia was in fact a state.

After you complete that form and check out with Google Checkout… well, it’s not clear what happens after that. It says I’ve been accepted, but they mean they are able to port my number.  Why wouldn’t they be able to port my number? Doesn’t T-mobile do a credit check and approve or deny the account? It’s all unclear. There’s only one plan from T-Mobile, and they don’t tell you much about it.  Having completed the order form and agreeing to a couple of pages of Terms and Conditions, I’m done. I guess.

And this wasn’t just a one time thing – this was the process for all THREE Nexus Ones I ordered.

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