Hospital Signs

Sign - "Area of Refuge"
I guess this is one of those things you’d understand if it applied to you. This was in the stairwell.

They should clean that stuff. There were a bunch of these rooms.

It’s on the back of the door in every room, like the checkout time in a hotel. The only thing missing is the room rates.  You do not want to see the room rates. Well, I do not want to see the room rates.

So, can I go in there?

Apple will sue when Steve Jobs sees this.

I guess this guy is so famous they don’t even need to say who it is. I have no idea.

This really confused me until I saw the next one.


The cleverly named “Medical Office Building”.

Pretty much the 10 best parking spaces at the hospital. They were mostly unused. Ridiculous.

This must be to make up for all the clergy parking.

What the – ?

I guess this is the morgue.

Okay, so which way is room 2110?  And what is prepost? Is that like during?

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  1. Lol! I like these. =) But I am sorry you had to spend so much time at the hospital that you could put this blog together. =(

    Tell Chrissy HI and we love her!

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