Nexus One Ads

Everywhere I go on the web these days I’m seeing ads for the Nexus One. It makes sense since I think most of the ads on the web are served up by either Google or DoubleClick (which Google owns).

But in a way this is also demonstrating a shortcoming in the technology behind these ads. Google displays ads relevant to the content you’re reading. It’s the first step on the road toward true customized ads for each individual, à la Minority Report. Shouldn’t Google know I already own an N1, and use that space more effectively?

All these ads got me thinking about Google’s advantage in the marketplace trying to promote a product like this. Motorola has spent piles and piles of money advertising the Droid on TV, the web, on billboards, and probably in print. How much has Google spent on all these N1 ads, considering they own the advertising delivery network?

It’s a good thing they aren’t evil!

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