Why I don’t have an iPad

Reason #1 – I don’t have $500 to spend on another computer type thing right now.

Reason #2 – I haven’t come up with a second reason yet.

So do I think the iPad is perfect, necessary, or even non- evil? Not really.

Would it be better with a camera? Probably. So a future version will probably have a camera. Then we can all complain that it only has one camera.

I would like to see an open marketplace for apps, flash support, GPS, and multitasking. I would love to see a big Android tablet. We’ve been waiting a long time for the tablet computing thing to happen. Others have tried and for various reasons they all sucked. I hope this one is successful and ushers in the tablet computing era.

Fanboys will defend and haters will criticize. But there are two things you need to know about the iPad – 1) It is what it is, and 2) It isn’t what it isn’t.

One day soon there will be a better device that addresses all of our current concerns (but has a list of its own). But the iPad is right now.

So if you have $500 in the budget right now and you think it would be useful to constantly have access to the web, music, video, and books on a small, light, flat screen with 12 hours of battery life, buy one. If you don’t think that would be useful, don’t – but tell me how you found a blog.

I’m writing this on my Nexus One from the gym. I didn’t take a computer with me, but I have this, my Kindle, my iPod, a notepad (dead tree), and a Sharpie Pen. I really wouldn’t hate it if all of that was replaced with a tablet and a Zoolander flip phone.

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  1. I’m still talking myself into and out of what to buy, though I may get an iPad after the first “OMG it’s here!” rush dies down a bit. I, too, really wish someone would get tablets done right.

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