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So here’s a random stream of thought for you. I’m listening to Marc Maron interview Robin Williams on the WTF Podcast and they start talking about Twitter and stalking. Robin mentions something he saw on the news about it, which I assume was pleaserobme.com. They’re talking about over-sharing, and I start thinking about how I’m always telling people not to post about what they are currently doing – post about what you’ve already done. Don’t say, I’m going grocery shopping, say I just went grocery shopping. But then again, don’t say that because it’s really boring and nobody cares. Plus it’s only marginally better. Talking about the past solves the pleaserobme.com problem, but still leaves the pleaserapeme.com problem. Okay, I’m assuming that’s not really a site, and I’m not going to check. But I think you get the point. All of this would solve it self if people would just post interesting things instead of what kind of sandwich they’re having for lunch. We’ve been watching the first season of Dexter recently, and maybe that plus the Maron/Williams/Twitter/Stalking talk made me think of Twitter Hunting. The idea is you tweet about how you hate to put the PS3 controller down, especially with this brand new 60 inch flat screen, but you’ll have to since you’re going away for the weekend. Then you fake leaving, and shoot the people who come to rob you. This is mostly for sport, but it’s also good for society. You’ll want to do this in a state with strong castle doctrine laws. Then I was trying to figure out how you’d fake leaving, and I thought I’m pretty sure the father did that in Cape Fear. So I IMDB Cape Fear. I knew Robert De Niro (who apparently has 12 projects in the works!) was the bad guy. But I was thinking of the father… what’s his name? I couldn’t come up with the name of the father. I just kept thinking “Indiana Jones, Deckard, Han Solo…” So I had to IMDB Indiana Jones to get Harrison Ford’s name, which wasn’t helpful because he wasn’t in Cape Fear. Nick Nolte was the father in Cape Fear. So that got me thinking maybe it’s not even Cape Fear. There was a scene where they pretended the dad wasn’t in the house but really he got back in by riding underneath the car, or something like that. I could have sworn it was Harrison Ford. Anyway, I decided to read what Cape Fear was about to see if I was thinking of the right movie. IMDB has two summaries. Here’s the first sentence from each: “Sam Bowden is a small-town corporate attorney “Leave It to Beaver”-esque family-man.” And, “Sam Bowden is a womanizing lawyer who has cheated on his burnt out, bitter wife Leigh Bowden.”  WTF indeed.

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  1. The movie you’re thinking of is a Harrison Ford movie, based on a Tom Clancy book. Maybe Clear & Present Danger? The house sits on a bluff, overlooking the ocean, I think.

    Also, I think a lot of good could come from this new sport of yours.

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