My Nexus One Apps

Abduction! World Attack (Jumping cows. Try it)
Air Control
Chess (Includes Chess960, which is pretty cool)
Replica Island
ThrottleCopter (Classic)
Mojo NES Lite (NES Emulator)

Skyfire (Web browser with Flash video. For reals.)
Bump (Trade contacts. Kinda Dumb. Works with iPhones)
ConnectBot (Secure Shell client)
Google Earth
Gesture Search
T-Mobile My Account
Photoshop Mobile
Tricorder (Show off /test your hardware)
ASTRO (File Manager)
WiFinder (Wi-fi Scanner)
Google Sky Maps
Google Translate
Google Maps
Voice Recorder

Aldiko (Book Shelf)
Shazam (Music ID)
Ustream Broadcaster

Barcode Scanner

Thomson Reuters News Pro
TweetCaster (Twitter client of choice)
WordPress (Blogging tool)

Originally I was going to do this with the AppBrain app, but I was really disappointed with it. It still shows apps I removed a week ago, and doesn’t show any of my newer apps. I ended up removing the app.

I’m not including links because if you want something here you’re going to type the name into the Market search anyway. All of these apps are available through the Market. You can also search or browse the Market from your computer using the DoubleTwist website, and use the QR codes on the screen to get there in your phone.

I upgraded Abduction and I’m using the free version of TweetCaster, which has banner ads. Everything else listed here is free.

There’s no task manager, like the popular Advanced Task Manager on this list because I don’t find active task management to necessary in Android.

I did use Handcent SMS for a while, but ultimately ended up removing it because even on my Nexus One it ran slow.

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