Chrome OS vs Android – No Contest

I don’t understand why it’s such a debate. People are taking Google to task for putting so much development effort into the Chrome OS when Android is so much better. They say it’s a waste of time when Android is clearly going to win this battle.

It’s not a battle! They are different products, and they serve different purposes. When I say “No Contest” I don’t mean clearly Android is better – I mean it isn’t a contest. Why isn’t anyone taking Apple to task for continuing to develop the OS X when clearly the future is iOS? Or Microsoft for continuing to iterate Windows when now they have what appears to be a decent mobile OS?

The answer is pretty simple – a keyboard and mouse OS is not the same thing as a touch screen OS. That’s been the main driver behind the App explosion. Apps typically mimic functionality that could be happening in a browser, but they’re designed for touch screens.

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