Android Apps

Someone asked me what Android Apps I’m using, so here’s the list:

Advanced Task Killer – Argue about the need for a task killer if that makes you happy, but I get a lot more battery life with it.
Barcode Scanner – Mostly for scanning QR codes.
Big App Show – A daily show about Android apps.
Bubble – A level.
Compass – Just a compass.
Dropbox – Must have for dropbox users. And you should be a dropbox user.
Firefox – Still in beta, but it’s really good. Better than the native browser.
JuiceDefender – Saves your battery life. Really works.

Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons – Kill pigs with birds. Makes sense, right?
Bubble Buster – Ever play Snood? Same game.
Unblock Me – Slide little blocks to get them off the board.
Need For Speed: Shift – Not free, but it was worth the $4.

Pulse – Awesome RSS reader built for touch. Would be even better on a tablet.
Google Reader – Counterpart to the website.
NY Times – All the news that’s fit to tweet.
CNET News – Tech news.
IMDb – Search IMDb while you’re watching TV. “What was this guy in?”
Amazon Kindle – Syncs with the Kindle automatically. Pretty awesome.
Google Books – Like the Kindle app, but from Google.
Pandora – Plays music.
ESPN ScoreCenter – Tracks your favorite teams automatically. – Great when you have a wi-fi connection. From CBS.
Winamp – Plays everything, syncs with desktop.

Other Stuff
Google Earth – Like the desktop application.
Google Sky Maps – Show off to people who don’t have smartphones.
Google Latitude – Get stalked.
DISH Remote Access – DVR management. A little buggy.
Evernote – Note taking tool. Syncs with website and desktop application.
Google Listen – Podcatcher. Not great, but I don’t know of a better one.
Photoshop Express – Simple photo editing.
Radar Now – Just local radar. Nothing more. Great little app.
Google Shopper – Never really used it.
TweetCaster – Twitter app, also posts to Facebook. The best Twitter app for Android.
Twitter – Official app. Not as good as TweetCaster.
Google Voice – Must have if you have a GV account.
Weather Bug – Has a widget and a notification bar feature that doesn’t work.
Wordpress – Blog management

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