Reality is Confusing My Fiction

You may remember from episode 41 of Just Shoot Me! (“How the Finch Stole Christmas”) that there is no man named J. Crew. Yeah, I’m citing that a reference and I’m doing no further research on the matter.

Maya Gallo: [Nina comes wearing casual wear] Nina, look at you!
Nina Van Horn: You’ll never guess who I met last night. J. Crew!
Maya Gallo: Huh?
Nina Van Horn: Yes, Maya, there is a J. Crew. And he helped me rediscover the true spirit of casual wear. I walked to work, and I was warm and comfortable in a way I haven’t felt since I was a little girl.
Maya Gallo: But…
Nina Van Horn: I know you don’t believe me, but J. Crew lives inside each and every one of us.
Maya Gallo: Nina, I called the company, and you were right. There is no J. Crew. There never was. He doesn’t exist.
Nina Van Horn: Then who the hell did I sleep with last night?

Of course there is a company called J. Crew.  A rather big one – 12,000 employees, $1.5B in revenues, over 300 stores.

Remember J. Peterman from Seinfeld? He was Elaine’s boss and ran a clothing company based in New York that parodied J. Crew. The character was played by John O’Hurley.

Well there is a clothing company called The J. Peterman Company (although it’s based in Lexington, Kentucky, not New York City) and it was founded by a J. Peterman. Actor John O’Hurley is an investor in the company.

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