I *might* finally be getting froyo on my Tmo Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). I woke up this morning to a strange message about an OTA update. I ran the update but I couldn’t find anything different. After doing some google searching I ended up on the Tmo forum where I found a post (from Tmo) explain that the OTA update to froyo I’ve been waiting for isn’t coming. Instead you have to install some software on a pc, connect the phone with a USB cable, and run the update from there.

A few things piss me off about this. First, a forum post? Seriously, that’s how you inform customers about an update we’ve been waiting for? Second, why isn’t this update OTA? And third, Froyo? Okay, it’s nice that we’re finally getting 2.2, but this phone was an insurance replacement for Nexus One. N1s have gingerbread now. Arrgh. When it comes time to replace this phone I don’t think I’ll be getting another Samsung.

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