Javalessness Update

A month ago I started a little experiment to see if I’d run into any problems using my PC without Java. Java causes a lot of problems in Windows, it runs really slow, and it opens the door to a ton of viruses and other security problems.

Well, after a month of Javalessness I’ve found one thing I can’t do. The website doesn’t work without Java. Darn. I’m searching for an alternative now. I think it’s fair to say I now live in the post-Java era.

One thought on “Javalessness Update”

  1. Running Java on the desktop shouldn’t really be necessary. There aren’t a lot of developers out there that create desktop Java anymore. Besides the fact that Swing, the windowing toolkit, is ugly, most things are moving to the web, or to languages that can transition between the desktop and the web (Adobe Air or Microsoft SliverLight, for instance) when the desktop is necessary. I’d even go so far as to say that anything that requires a Java plugin should rethink what they’re doing (like your keepvid service).

    That is not to say, though, that there’s no place for Java. It’s still an incredibly strong server technology. I code in it, and it runs an incredible amount of internet infrastructure. For instance, I consider building web services a snap in Java. Not so much in .Net.

    So, there is still a place for Java, a very big and real one, it’s just not on the desktop.

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