Someone make this travel site, please

Here’s my idea. If it already exists, point me there. If not please make it. I’ll be your first customer.

I want to travel to a city (say New York) and I have a small budget (say $1000). But I want to see the ritzy side of NYC.  I tell you where I’m starting, where I’m going, my budget (per person), travel dates, and maybe some interests. Then you plan my trip. It should look something like this:

Flying Southwest Airlines in the luggage compartment with 19 connections – $200
Staying in a motel in New Jersey – $75
Bus, PATH Train, Subway – $25

Now we’re in NYC with $700 left.

Dinner @ Le Bernardin (no drinks) – $150
Ticket to see The Book of Mormon @ the Eugene O’Neill Theatre – $100

Brunch @ The Carlyle – $50
Dinner @ Per Se (no drinks) – $300
Ticket to see The Lion King @ the Minskoff Theatre – $100

We got there on the cheap and blew most of the budget on overpriced food and entertainment. The trick is I want someone else handle the bookings, or at least figure out where I should go and work out the budget.

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