If nothing else we are pattern seeking machines. We are the very best pattern seeking machines. Sometimes this is a good thing, and it allows us time to flee from danger. Sometimes it’s not as useful, and we see the virgin Mary in grilled cheese.

We’ve all had the experience of buying something like a new car – a make and model you weren’t particularly familiar with prior to the purchase – then driving around town and seeing that make and model every where you look. You may not be aware that there’s a process running in your brain searching for those cars, but you’re sure aware of the results.

Recently I’ve been noticing quite frequently that two seemingly unrelated things in my life are somehow connected. They share a thread even though I came to them independently. It happened so many times I started keeping a list. They are minor, and it’s not the specific examples I find interesting – it’s the frequency.

Dec 11 – While playing Skyrim I was listening to Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. Shortly after a discussion in Foundation about transmutation my character in Skyrim found the Transmute spell. Do you know how often transmutation comes up in my life? Probably about as often as it does in yours.

Dec 12 – I listened to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, then the No Agenda Show. During an Adam Curry rant about human rights (already getting weird) he mentioned something that brought the “basic english” version of Wikipedia to my attention.  Basic English seems an awful lot like Newspeak.

At this point I decided this was happening all too often, and I should start keeping a list. I made a note about transmutation and Newspeak incidents. Minutes later, after moving on to other things, a blog entry I wrote here on September 16, 2010 called Information Out of Reach came up in a google search.

That takes us to today. I’m reading Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama series and listening to Scott Sigler’s The Crypt. Both feature convicts being tricked into boarding space-going vessels.

I think there’s a glitch in the matrix.

One thought on “Confluences”

  1. I may be late in replying to this post.
    I was just googling around random stuff when I stumbled upon your post.

    Humans love patterns. I love looking for patterns among numbers on the number plates of people’s cars or bikes. In your case you are making patterns of patterns. Okay, that sentence made no sense.

    Its easier to remember things when there are patterns. Anything random is looked upon as difficult (like trying to remember random numbers) or weird (Lady Gaga’s apparel) or with awe(Christopher Nolan’s movies). I think I should start a list too. Maybe three lists.

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