Phones – Now Smart!

Before there were smartphones and before there were feature phones there were just phones. They were simple, and they worked. There were flip phones, which had a certain appeal, and there were candy-bars, which I preferred.

To call my wife I would mash the 2 key for a second to activate the speed dial. (1 was reserved and not available for speed dials.) A few seconds later the phone started ringing.

Now to call my wife I simply:

  • Hit the Home button
  • Slide to Unlock (patented!)
  • Punch in a code
  • Press Home again
  • Press Phone
  • Press Favorites
  • Select Chrissy


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  1. You mean with Siri? Siri is good for certain things, when it’s working. One thing I’ve learned about Siri is to never demo it for someone, especially if they don’t like Apple. There’s some sort of Murphy-Siri Law, and it will be down. But overall Siri is a disappointment to me. At first it feels like you have the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer in your pocket, but after a while you start to realize it’s basically a voice dialer with a calculator.

  2. Yeah, with Siri. I mostly tell Siri to remind me to do things or to wake me up. When I tell Siri to give me directions, it works half of the time. That other half, though – wow. I’m talking “let’s go to an airport 4 states away” bad.

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