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I’ve been playing with cold brewing and changing the technique and recipe slightly with each batch. Here are some of the things you can control when brewing coffee:

  • Grind (Turkish – Coarse)
  • Grinding Method (Burr, Chop, Pound, Roller Grind)
  • Roast (Cinnamon – Spanish)
  • Species (Arabica vs. Robusta)
  • Bean Source and Freshness
  • Water Quality (Hardness, Purification Method, etc)
  • Method (Drip, Pressurized Percolation, Boiling, Steeping)
  • Pressure (Drip – Espresso)
  • Brew Temperature (Ice Cold – Boiling)
  • Water to Grind ratio
  • Equipment quality, cleanliness
  • Brewing Duration
  • Agitation During Brewing
  • Repetition (Brew, Filter, Replace Coffee, Repeat)
  • Filtering
  • Dilution
  • Preparation (Milk, Sugar, etc)

I’ve been changing one or two with each batch and recording the results. Some of these factors, especially Roast, Species, and Grind will make a big, noticeable change to your cup of coffee with any of the traditional hot brewing methods. What I’ve found with cold brewing is that almost none of them matter! I can’t tell the difference between the cheapest store brand crap and single-estate Kona once it’s been cold brewed. Duration is one of the few exceptions – if your goal is to brew coffee without extracting the bitter flavor I don’t recommend going past 12 hours.

Next I’ll be looking at Repetition, inspired by Black Blood of the Earth.

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