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Every time I get in my car I ask my smartphone to use precise measurements of time beamed from several points in space to quickly triangulate my location, then wirelessly connect to the internet, find my destination, map a route avoiding traffic, then read the directions to me as I drive. And yet I will complain it’s not doing enough.

Here’s a short list of features I’d like to see added to GPS:

  • If my next turn is the next traffic signal tell me that! Say, “turn left at the light,” the way a person would.
  • Show me the speed limit. Alert me when I’m speeding.
  • Search for things along my route. I used to be able to do this – I don’t know where that feature went.
  • Give me an ETA/trip time factoring in projected traffic based on a later start time.
  • Suggest a lane based on the next turn.
  • Show me the current weather radar, like the Radar Now app.
  • Route around high crime areas.
  • Allow me to set the height of my vehicle and warn me if I’m going to drive under something too low.

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  1. My aunt’s GPS, in her Honda, shows the lane and speed limit. It’s nice.

    I would like an option that keeps me on the main roads — interstates, state routes, etc. — instead of finding the shortest distance/time using back or side roads. Or that let’s me see the routes & pick like on Google Maps.

    Oh, and search for places *without* requiring me to enter the city and *not* assuming I want to stay in the city/town/county/whatever boundary I’m currently in (and if I do enter one because I’m looking ahead, search *around* it, too). At that tournament in Wake Forest, my GPS refused to find the Olive Garden because it was in the next town over, despite being less than a mile away from where I was.

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