Topics and Experts

These are some topics of interest to me and some of the personalities I follow on Twitter to learn more about them. Physics Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson Dave Goldberg @askaphysicist Phil Plait @BadAstronomer Language Mignon Fogarty @GrammarGirl Erin McKean @emckean Food / Health Darya Pino @summertomato Tim Ferriss @tferriss Belmont Butchery @BelmontButchery Politics Steve Silberman […]

Fun On Twitter

@marcmaron said: Tired of all these horrible obits calling Giraldo an ‘insult comic’. Here’s a good one. Here’s a person @brianlinzy said: @marcmaron But he was an insult comic. It’s not a dig, it’s a fact. Your obit will say he was an alt comic with a variety of mental disorders. @marcmaron said: @brianlinzy […]

Twitter Weekly Update for 2009-09-19

Anyone using the WordPress Blackberry app? On a live site? Finding it useful? I can only access a handful of my pages. # @etdragon Not white grape juice! in reply to etdragon # @fhduff Thanks, Fredson. Have confidence, and if you absolutely must, faith. in reply to fhduff # No Dyson airblade in the bathroom. […]

Twitter Weekly Update for 2009-09-12

12 Monkeys is on Netflix streaming. # Last day to register for @USGrappling's Dominion Grappling Championships IV happening this Saturday in Hampton, VA! # @modernevil Wow, quite a strange journey. I'm looking forward to Forget What You Can't Remember. in reply to modernevil # Doug Benson was on Adam Carolla's Podcast today. # […]