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TV Battleground

It seems like for half of my life – or at least for most of my adult life – we’ve been a country at war. Flipping through the TV channels makes me think we like it this way. If it’s not a WAR it’s simply not a contest worth having.

Look at this list of TV shows:
Junkyard wars (Note this was called Scrapheap Challenge in the UK)
Storage wars
Cupcake wars (Seriously? Cupcakes? Why?)
Border Wars
Food wars
Turf wars
Whale wars
Robot wars
Parking wars
War at home (This one’s a sit-com!)

Angry Bird

Here’s the short clip I shot yesterday from my cell phone. This time around the bird didn’t seem so happy to see me. I tried to feed him sunflower seeds again, but he still wasn’t interested.

If anyone knows what kind of bird this is please leave a comment.

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