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Everything Secure All The Time Always

If you’re not reading this in a feed reader you may have noticed the slight tweak to the url here – it now starts https! This makes it much less likely that any non-NSA employee is snooping on you while you’re reading my blog. There are still some holdouts saying this is only necessary for banking and ecommerce sites. That’s nonsense, and there’s no reason why https shouldn’t be the default on all websites.

Someone make this travel site, please

Here’s my idea. If it already exists, point me there. If not please make it. I’ll be your first customer.

I want to travel to a city (say New York) and I have a small budget (say $1000). But I want to see the ritzy side of NYC.  I tell you where I’m starting, where I’m going, my budget (per person), travel dates, and maybe some interests. Then you plan my trip. It should look something like this:

Flying Southwest Airlines in the luggage compartment with 19 connections – $200
Staying in a motel in New Jersey – $75
Bus, PATH Train, Subway – $25

Now we’re in NYC with $700 left.

Dinner @ Le Bernardin (no drinks) – $150
Ticket to see The Book of Mormon @ the Eugene O’Neill Theatre – $100

Brunch @ The Carlyle – $50
Dinner @ Per Se (no drinks) – $300
Ticket to see The Lion King @ the Minskoff Theatre – $100

We got there on the cheap and blew most of the budget on overpriced food and entertainment. The trick is I want someone else handle the bookings, or at least figure out where I should go and work out the budget.


I think about this little space I carved out on the web all the time. For a solid year I was fully committed to posting something here every weekday, to the point where it really became a big source of stress. I got all wrapped up in it because I felt like once I started it if I ever skipped a day it would end up being yet another thing on the list of things I started and didn’t follow through on. Then one day I just forgot to blog. It was just one day where I slipped. But that was all it took. The day I signed in and realized there was a entry missing I basically wrote the whole thing off as a failure. In a way I was relieved. I was unburdened.

But I miss it. I like writing here, event though I really don’t know who, if anyone, is reading it. I think about starting it back up, but if I do I think I need to focus a little more on one or two topics. Keeping it wide open seems to make it harder to write, and for anyone interested in a particular topic it means there’s a lot of crap to wade through.

I just took a look at the analytics to see what were the most popular topics last year, based on hits. Looking at the top 10 shed no light. In the top 10 from last year are entries in the categories of BJJ, Guns & Hunting, Pets, Random Thoughts, Science & Technology, Podcasts, and Books. So, basically everything.

Right now I can’t see this becoming a daily thing again, but I might starting dropping in a few times  a week – at least until I can find that groove again.

Fun On Twitter

@marcmaron said: Tired of all these horrible obits calling Giraldo an ‘insult comic’. Here’s a good one. Here’s a person

@brianlinzy said: @marcmaron But he was an insult comic. It’s not a dig, it’s a fact. Your obit will say he was an alt comic with a variety of mental disorders.

@marcmaron said: @brianlinzy Your an idiot.

Ha! That’s cool though… He’s really upset about losing Greg Giraldo. Maron is a dick, but that’s part of his charm. I’ve been a fan since Short Attention Span Theater.

I’m sorry I was mean to you, Marc. Please don’t kill yourself.