My digital world is exploding

The web is out of control.  Or, at least I can’t seem to keep track of all these new tools that are supposed to be making my life easier or more productive.  It seems like just being me has become a full time job.  I’m losing faith that all this technology is helpful.  Maybe the Amish got something right here.

I have a desktop PC, a laptop, a Blackberry, and an iPod.  They all require management.  All but the iPod have usernames and passwords I have to remember.  All but the Blackberry require constant updates (and the Blackberry is the one I most wish they would update!)  I use these tools to tap into a torrent of information flowing through these channels much faster than I could possibly absorb.

I have this blog, which requires only a few minutes a day to administer.  Today I started setting up another blog.  I’m installing a CMS for another site I run.  I’ve been putting off installing a CMS for another one.  I’m an administrator on a forum,  a moderator on another, and very active on one other.  I lurk on tons of forums.

I’m setting up a wiki, I’m researching a project management server, I’m installing an image gallery, and trying to figure out how to set up a video gallery.  I’ve had ideas for several other sites pinging around in my head for a while now.

I’m active on Twitter, and to a lesser extent on Facebook and MySpace.  I’m not even going to get into YouTube here…

Remember when we were told that computers would eliminate the need for paper?  I think that was supposed to happen right around the same time as flying cars.  So, what happened?  As everything related to computers – monitors, input devices, RAM, processors, hard drives, etc – got better, faster, and cheaper, so did printers.  Why that was a surprise I have no idea.  So now everyone has a printer or two, and we have more paper than ever before.

Successful Hunt

I’m back from seeing family in West Virginia, celebrating Thanksgiving/Christmas combined into one, and doing some deer hunting.  I managed to accidentally dodge the pre-meal prayer by sneaking off to my car to chug some beer and rum with Chrissy’s cousin.  I felt like I was 16 all over again.

As always, it was a successful hunt.  I define that as any time I went hunting and returned safely.  Shooting a deer is optional.  As it turns out, a deer was shot on this trip, and is current in a pot on my stove, in the dehydrator, in the refrigerator, and in my stomach.

I do some of my best thinking when I’m deer hunting.  Hell, there’s nothing else to do!  Unfortunately I can’t take notes while still hunting, since remaining still is a critical element of still hunting.  But it’s a lot of time alone in the freezing cold woods with nothing but your thoughts and an occasional chipmunk.  I think I came up with some topics to blog about out there, if only I could remember them.  Maybe if I go in the backyard and sit in the woods for a while it will come back to me.

Big Guy Jiu Jitsu

I feel like I published this someplace before, but I can’t find it:

Man, if there’s one thing I’m sick of it’s people complaining about us “big guys” using too much strength or weight when grappling. I’ve heard and I understand the argument – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about technique and skill, it’s the gentle art, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve got a bit of news for you – that’s bullshit, or at least it’s either poorly translated or widely misinterpreted.  BJJ teaches us to use mechanical advantage to win “fights.” If you’re falling back for an armbar with you’re arms wrapped around someone’s elbow you’re going to have a much more difficult time finishing than you would if your grip was closer to their wrists.  That’s a simple concept. Leverage.

If I use the techniques of BJJ properly they will be executed with more force than if someone 100 pounds lighter than me did the same thing.  Mechanical advantage works the same way for me as it does for some one who weighs 140 pounds.

A few points to consider:

1. I have no way to not use strength. I can’t measure how much force I’m using and set a limit.

2. If I did, I’d be using terrible Jiu Jitsu. “Playing light” = doing it wrong. If I go knee on belly and it’s not terrible for you, I’m doing it wrong, and teaching myself to do it wrong.

3. People should use the tools they have.  They say, “the poor carpenter blames his tools,” right? Well how about, “The dumb carpenter doesn’t use his tools.”

4. When a little guy creates a lot of force they are said to have great Jiu Jitsu (“he makes terrific force!”). If a big guy makes the same amount of pressure they’re just said to be big and lacking skill.

5. People who complain about weight / strength are often very flexible. Let’s make a deal – I won’t apply any more force than you can if you don’t bend anything further than I can.

6. It would be absurd for me to not use strength or weight when it is available. If I have to pick something up that is of a weight I can lift, I don’t develop a complex system of pulleys and levers – I just pick it up.

Some Random Bits

You can really take a ham sandwich to the next level by replacing the bread with waffles.

I’ve decided I no longer recognize jelly flavors other than strawberry.

And speaking of strawberry – strawberry is a specific thing. Don’t lie to me and tell your candy is strawberry flavored just because it’s red.  I’d rather you just told me the flavor is “Red.”

“Pear” used to be a shape, as well as a fruit.  Then these Asian pears starting popping up in the local supermarket produce section.  They’re apple shaped.  Of course the name “Chinese Apple” was already taken by the Pomegranate.  Crafty Asians.

John Hodgman (AKA “PC”) earns a living publishing books of trivia entirely made up by John Hodgman.  How does that make you feel about what you do for a living?

That was like 5 twitter posts for the price of one.