The universe is so very complicated

Call me lazy, I’m okay with that. I’m stealing a few lines from C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength once again. “The universe is so very complicated,” said Dr. Dimble. “So you have said rather often before, dear,” replied Mrs. Dimble. “Have I? he said with a smile. “How often, I wonder? As often as you’ve […]

Men are from Malacandra

“The cardinal difficulty,” said MacPhee, “in collaboration between the sexes is that women speak a language without nouns. If two men are doing a bit of work, one will say to the other, ‘Put this bowl inside the bigger bowl which you’ll find on the top shelf of the green cupboard.’ The female for this […]

That Hideous Strength

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’ve been reading C. S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy.  I’m now about halfway through the third installation, That Hideous Strength.  I guess it’s strange to talk about a book I’m only halfway through, but there are a bunch of reasons why I think it’s okay – 1) it’s […]