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When am I stealing?

If I go to YouTube or one of the many, many YouTube clones and watch a television show, am I stealing?  Is it my responsibility to determine who uploaded the video, and whether or not they hold rights to that video?  If it’s a TV show and the commercials are clipped there’s a pretty good chance that’s pirated.  What if it aired on a channel without commercials, like Showtime or HBO?  What if it’s a very old television show? How am I supposed to know who has the rights? Are there public domain televisions shows, like there are with books?  If it aired on PBS and someone puts it online is that okay for me to watch?  What if it aired on FOX, but the commercials are still there?  What if it aired on Cinemax, which I get through the Dish Network?  Is it okay for me to watch something ripped from Cinemax since I subscribe?  What if I watch a movie online that I own on Blu-ray (I’ve done that.)

How am I supposed to know if I’m stealing?