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No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. – Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential. – Winston Churchill

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. – George S. Patton

Plans are nothing; planning is everything. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. – Mike Tyson

Any business plan won't survive its first encounter with reality. The reality will always be different. It will never be the plan. – Jeff Bezos

Failing to plan is planning to fail. – Fortune Cookie

Having plans sounds like a good idea until you have to put clothes on and leave your house. – Facebook Meme

Escape Room Tips

1) There’s a good chance you found this because you googled “escape room tips”. Stop that. Stop it right now. Embrace the game. It’s supposed to be a challenge. Also consider you might be paired up with strangers, so it’s really not fair to ruin it for them. Don’t be a dick.

2) Listen to your guide when they bring you in. They want you to make it out! Listen carefully, they may give some cryptic clues.

3) Dress to do some work. You may be crawling around, climbing, etc. Be prepared to get a little dirty.

4) Keep talking. Especially if the group seems to hit a dead end. Just make observations, even if they seem obvious. Keep the group chatting.

5) Move on. You’ve been staring at that picture frame for a long time now. Maybe it’s something, maybe it’s not. Come back to it later.

6) Try everything! Even if you’re pretty sure it won’t work just keep trying things. Move things. Put things in other things. If nothing else a light may go off in a teammate’s head. But resist the temptation to keep doing the same thing over and over.

7) Examine things even though you just saw your teammates looking at it. You may bring a different perspective.

8) Don’t post spoilers.

Notebook Paralysis

I have a new notebook and I’m ready to write. I have plenty of things to write about and plenty of uses for notebooks, but what is this one for? And what are the rules for this notebook? Will I skip the first page? Use only the fronts? Am I assigning a certain pen or ink to this notebook? Is it private? Is it okay to tear pages out? Is it going to be with me all the time? Am I going to keep it forever? Should I fill in the owner information? What should I label the cover? Should I label the cover? Will I write in the margins?

The notebook I’m writing this in has four subjects coded blue, red, gray, and green, as one does. When Chrissy gave it to me I was ecstatic – four notebooks in one, this solves all my problems! Then I took out my Rhodia A5 no skip, fronts only, private, tear okay, always handy, no archive, no cover label, anything goes notepad and starting listing possible categories. It took weeks before I could write anything in here, but that’s pretty good –  I have two notebooks from the ’90s I’ve been moving around the country with, just waiting for the right topic.

Fact or Fiction?

Here are three headlines. Which story is fake?

Italian court convicts 6 seismologists of manslaughter for failing to predict earthquake

Indiana town stops safe-sex education in nursing home citing abstinence-only education policy

Parents in southern California suing school system to stop yoga classes

Click here and here to see the real stories. The other one is an episode of Parks and Rec.