The Shuttle Discovery landed today for the last time. I watched it live on starting about an hour out. It’s the beginning of the end of our shuttle program. In April Captain Mark E. Kelly will take Endeavour up for it’s last flight (STS 134). Then in June Captain Christopher J. Ferguson will take Atlantis up for the final shuttle […]

Grateful Dead vs The Teen Idles

For some reason I found myself searching for song lyrics and I came across an interesting contrast between these two bands. On one hand The Grateful Dead was well known for the crazy amount of drugs they did, to the point where Jerry would regularly forget the lyrics to songs in the middle of a […]

Right Lane Closed Ahead

After reading Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do by Tom Vanderbilt I’ve become hyper-aware of the amount of signs drivers are expected to read while driving. I’m not talking about advertising, which you’re free to ignore, but official signs that are supposed to provide important information. The roads are so overloaded with unnecessary […]